«Касперский» раскрыл крупнейшую банковскую аферу хакеры украли миллиард долларов alboraaq account and database dumps, fullz and cc

«Лаборатория Касперского» раскрыла банковскую аферу, которая может стать крупнейшим и самым изощренным преступлением в истории хакерства, утверждает New York Times: жертвами аферистов стали более сотни банков, преимущественно из России, а ущерб оценивается в сумму от 300 млн долларов. После публикации «Лаборатория» дала свои разъяснения, сообщив при этом, что злоумышленники украли около миллиарда долларов. Читать далее […] →Read more

Android Devices Infected with Undeletable Adware buy stolen cc, dark web buy cc

Researchers observed that 14.8% of all Android users attacked by malware or adware still have infection left in the system partition. The problem is because of smartphones or tablets sold by certain brands in the lower segment contain malicious ad codes embedded in the firmware of the device. For Android devices, the most common malware […] →Read more

Identifying Weak Parts of a Supply Chain bingodumps registration, buy cc checker

Like it? Add this infographic to your site:1. Click on the box below.   2. Press Ctrl+A to select all.   3. Press Ctrl+C to copy.   4. Paste the code into your page (Ctrl+V). Image will appear the same size as you see above. In the first half of this year, cybersecurity strongholds were surrounded by cybercriminals […] →Read more

McDonald’s App Hamburgled, 4 Victims Already Saddled Thousands in Charges bingo dumps cc, 21 dump street cc

It’s easy to pay for a single McDonald’s meal. It might even be OK to pay for a large family. A birthday party can cost a pretty penny, so imagine how much it would take out of your pocket if someone ordered hundreds of meals on your account – that you had to pay. Well, […] →Read more

Researchers Uncover 6-Year Cyber Espionage Campaign Targeting Iranian Dissidents buy cc info, valid cc buy

Capping off a busy week of charges and sanctions against Iranian hackers, a new research offers insight into what’s a six-year-long ongoing surveillance campaign targeting Iranian expats and dissidents with an intention to pilfer sensitive information. The threat actor, suspected to be of Iranian origin, is said to have orchestrated the campaign with at least […] →Read more

Вирусы теперь могут проникнуть через уязвимость в видеоплеерах buy free cc for carding, buy cc for amazon carding

Компьютерные вирусы теперь атакуют пользователей через программы по просмотру видеороликов. Одна из антивирусных компаний заявила о такой угрозе в своем блоге . Выбор разработчиков вредоносных программ не случаен. Ведь смотрят видео в сети сотни миллионов пользователей. И их устройства, в том числе телефоны и смарт-телевизоры, могут попасть под полный контроль хакеров. Потенциальный урон, который может […] →Read more

2,000 Magento online stores infiltrated in one of the largest hacking campaigns buying cvv on dark web, buy cc full info

In what seems to be the largest hacking campaign since 2015, close to 2,000 Magento stores were hacked over the weekend. The hackers used a typical Magnbecart hacking scheme where they compromised sites and installed malicious scripts in the source code of the stores. They used the source codes to log payment card details of […] →Read more

Managed Bug Bounties Quality Is In The Secret Sauce. dumps with pin 2017, cvv shop pro

Bug bounty programs have swept the security world by storm. As more companies are showing increasing willingness to let white-hat hackers probe their IT assets, we’ve gotten a lot more data around the efficacy and the results of these types of security practices. With public, private, 3rd party, and managed programs there’s a lot to […] →Read more

Facebook builds tool to confound facial recognition mastercvv cards, unicc buy cc

However, the social network harbors no plans to deploy the technology in any of its services any time soon Facebook has developed a machine-learning method that aims to help with face de-identification in video content. In its paper , the Facebook AI research team explains it has developed the technology in response to ethical concerns […] →Read more

Building Cyber Resilience in a Cloudy World non cvv sites 2019, valid dumps shop

Last year taught us a valuable lesson: Always be prepared for the unknown. In a cybersecurity context, fostering resilience requires thinking of all possible scenarios – even if they seem implausible – and seeking solutions that can really work. But resilience in a cloudy world doesn’t happen overnight. It must be supported by a well-woven […] →Read more