UK Royal Mail Smishing Crew Nabbed By City Of London Police fresh credit card dumps, buy dumps with pin online shop

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According to a report by ZDNet, there were arrests made due to suspicions of sending ‘smishing’ texts. Smishing is a form of phishing that sends SMS messages in order to steal personal information.
In this real-life scenario, recipients were sent fake versions of trusted organisations’ websites like the Royal Mail. The text claimed that the recipient needed to pay a postage fee by entering specific details in order to rearrange a delivery. 
Detective Chief Inspector Gary Robinson said in a statement, “The success of these operations shows how through our close collaboration with Royal Mail, the financial services sector, and mobile phone networks, we are cracking down on the criminals ruthlessly targeting the public.”
Investigations are still ongoing with the City of London planning to make more arrests. With new smishing tactics out in the wild , it’s important for your users to take every text message seriously. Frequent phishing tests and new-school security awareness training can ensure your users are prepared to spot and report any suspicious activity. 
ZDNet has the full story . 
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