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Signal has announced the launch of a new feature to provide more privacy to users. Reportedly, Signal has introduced Message Requests feature to let users see details about the incoming message’s sender.
In a recent post , the private messaging app Signal has announced the launch of a new feature. With this rollout, the app has taken another step towards ensuring better privacy for the users.
As revealed, Signal has now launched the Message Requests feature to their app. Explaining why they decided to launch this feature, they reasoned the increasing popularity and userbase of the app.
With so many new conversations getting started, we’ve heard from a lot of users that they’d like more control over how they begin.
With the Message Requests feature, users would know the details of the sender not saved to their contact list. They could view the information before accepting or deleting an incoming message, hence controlling how to respond to the sender.
Though, despite making the information visible to the users, Signal reiterates that the information isn’t visible to the app owing to the underlying end-to-end encryption.
Signal profiles are end-to-end encrypted and shared via the same secure Signal Protocol messaging channel that already protects your conversations and calls. This means that none of your profile information is ever accessible to the service.
Besides, the new feature also streamlines the automated setup of Signal’s Sealed Sender technology. Hence, the metadata about the sender and receiver profiles also remain hidden.
The new feature in the Signal app isn’t only about notifying the users upon receiving text message requests. Rather the feature will also apply to voice and video calls.
Specifically, the recipient’s phone won’t ring until the approval of the incoming request.
Also, such control on messages will put an end to the spammers who randomly add different users to various groups.
Besides, the new feature will also display the sender’s profile name to the users in a group conversation instead of a mere number. This will also facilitate the users in remembering each other.
Presently, this feature is only available to the users who set up a profile for their accounts with proper names and avatars.
For details profiles and message requests, users can visit this FAQ page .
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