Shmoocon 2017 Recap Election Hackers Vs Threat Intel Attribution. fresh cc dumps, dumpsbuy

Attribution is critical to deterring cyber attacks, but it will never be a slam dunk.
Companies and countries alike use threat intelligence to attribute attacks to attackers. Unfortunately, attribution is an inexact science, and threat intelligence only paints a partial picture of the culprit.
In his 2017 ShmooCon talk hailed as the best of the conference, Synack Co-Founder and CTO Mark Kuhr examines the hacker’s perspective on threat intelligence and walks through a step-by-step rundown of how an adversary could launch an attack and then cover his/her tracks through a disinformation campaign.
Watch the video of Mark’s talk, Leveraging Threat Intel Disinformation Campaigns to Defeat Attribution, to learn more:
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