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all over the world, specifically those that use Google Chrome, find themselves
in fear once again as another significant security flaw associated with the
privacy and security-challenged web browser has been identified in recent
hours. Every version is said to be affected by the situation, and the company
is recommending users to install a patch as soon as possible.
The alleged security exploit in the Chrome browser lets cybercriminals and malicious agent take control of a vulnerable host. Reports indicate that the flaw was unveiled by the Center for Internet Security.
The alleged security flaw is especially dangerous if we consider the fact that Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser on the planet, with more than two billion people having it installed on their devices. The loophole is, allegedly, part of Blink, which drives the browser engine.
shortly after learning about the major security flaw, began working on an
update to offer its wide user base, and the improved version is already
available after a few days of work by specialists and researches of the major
online company. If you want your Chrome version to update, it needs to be
closed and relaunched.
The entity
wrote that governments might be the primary targets of any potential offenses
while using the vulnerability.
security flaw, in order to be enabled, needs users to enter a malicious web
page. At that moment, the person or entity perpetrating the attack may try to
run arbitrary code with the intention of taking over the user’s device.
There was a statement published, alerting users about the unfortunate situation and advising them to install the patch as quickly as possible. The message informed that to successfully exploit the flaw, the attacker needed to run arbitrary code in the browser, and that depending on the privileges associated with the application, the perpetrator could inflict several degrees of damage.
to the statement, the attacker could modify crucial data, install applications
and programs in the device, or even create accounts in several platforms with
full user rights, among other things.
advisory also states that if the application was configured to have fewer user
rights on the system, the impact of the vulnerability would be less than in the
event in which the app or program was configured with administrative rights.
previously stated, all Google Chrome’s versions are equally affected by the
security vulnerability, including those for desktop-related operating systems
such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. However, the mobile versions of Chrome are
safe, which means those using Android and iOS are unaffected by the flaw.
advisory informs that those versions before 76.0.3809.132 are currently at risk
and need to install the patch if they don’t want their device being taken over
by a cybercriminal, or their accounts and data breached.
advisory warns that the risk of this vulnerability being used to torment
government institutions and entities around the world is high, and it names
large and medium organizations as well as the medium and large-sized business
as being prone to the flaw. Small governmental agencies are at “low”
risk, as are household users.
security loophole was discovered as Google implemented its bug bounty program,
in which the Internet giant offers prizes and rewards to researchers and
developers around the world that spot flaws. This one, in particular, was
unveiled by Luyao Liu and Zhe Jin from the Chinese security company Qihoo 360,
and they earned$5,500 for their contributions.
At the moment of writing this piece of news, there weren’t reports of any hacking group using the security flaw to target any particular government agency or individual, although that situation is prone to change at any minute.
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