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I’d like to take this opportunity to pass along some memories of our good friend Hal Tipton.
From John O’Leary, CISSP
Hal Tipton was not only one of the founding fathers of (ISC)2, he was a unique individual – one of a kind. Once he latched onto an idea or a task, he stayed with it through thick and thin, never letting go or letting up, and continually improving whatever he was dealing with. Hal was an early and consistent supporter of the professionalization of our strange career choice, and his unstinting belief in and support for Information Security as a profession has helped not just (ISC)2, but large numbers of people who might not even know of Hal.
Yet for all the accomplishments and all the dedication, one of the things that was most noticeable and always stood out about Hal was his comportment as a true gentleman. He personified the dignity that so many in our field strive for.
Thanks, Hal, for all you did and all you were.
From Diana-Lynn Contesti, CISSP-ISSAP, ISSMP, CSSLP, SSCP
I met Hal when he was Chairman of the Board of Directors for (ISC)2 and I was new to Information Security. At this meeting, Hal agreed to autograph my rather well worn copy of the Handbook of Information Security for me.  I don’t think he understood what a difference that made to me.
Hal had the patience to sit and talk to me about my career in Security.  During our conversation, Hal provided an insight into a world that I would eventually join. 
Over the years, I  was given the opportunity to work with Hal on various committees with (ISC)2 and that brought a smile to my face as Hal always could see the bright side of things.  Hal was a joy to be with and a joy to work with.  He always amazed me with his knowledge of the security industry.  Besides his security knowledge, Hal remembered your family and always asked about them when he would see you, something a lot of us forget to do.
A few years ago, I had the Honor of Awarding the Harold F. Tipton award to someone and I could only think of all the work that Hal had done to improve our industry and again I smiled for the man that had become a friend and a mentor. 
Hal worked so tiredlessly for the Information Security profession and (ISC)2, making both of them what they are today.
My heart is heavy and my thoughts are with Hal’s family in this time of sorrow.  But I will pull out my autographed copy of the Handbook and smile as I remember his words of wisdom.
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