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Bug bounty programs have swept the security world by storm. As more companies are showing increasing willingness to let white-hat hackers probe their IT assets, we’ve gotten a lot more data around the efficacy and the results of these types of security practices. With public, private, 3rd party, and managed programs there’s a lot to consider in deciding which program fits the bill. Running Vulnerability Operations for Synack I work closely with a lot of customers. They tell me that they want to be thorough in finding vulnerabilities and need to make sure the solution fits into their daily operations.  It should help them communicate security issues to other groups within their company. So from the operations perspective, here’s my view on vulnerability reports, the significance of “Signal to Noise” ratio, and the importance of an efficiently managed bug bounty vulnerability program.
Customers tell us that every time they receive a vulnerability submission from us, they know it’s high-impact and that it’s critical to fix.
Eliminating the noise and providing a trusted, fully-managed security platform is something I’m very proud of at my company and the team we have built. Our customers appreciate that they don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to sift through vulnerability submissions to figure them out. Using a managed bug bounty program leads to a more efficient process for mitigating vulnerabilities inside a company which leads to more effective time management and the ability to have internal security teams focusing on more long-term growth projects.
There is a lot to be gained from utilizing a complete vulnerability management platform for your security processes. Not only do you save time and become more effective at patching vulnerabilities, you also get to go “under the hood” to see data and metrics that show how hardened your applications are against attack and how resilient they are across their attack surfaces. With all of this, you can build a more stringent defense against cyber attacks and effectively manage security risk for your business… the number one goal of the Synack “Secret Sauce”!
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