Hackers steal data from Dominos Pizza in Europe, demand ransom pin cvv, cvv pin of atm card

TORONTO – Hackers are demanding Dominos Pizza pay a ransom of €30,000 after stealing data from 600,000 customers in France and Belgium.
Customer’s names, delivery addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords were stolen from a server used for the company’s online ordering system. Customers are being asked to change their passwords immediately.
“Dominos Pizza uses an encryption system for data. However, we suffered a hack by seasoned professionals and it is likely that they could decode the encryption system including passwords,” read a tweet from the French Dominos account.
“This is why we recommend that you change your password for security reasons. We strongly regret this situation and take illegal access very seriously.”
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According to a report from the Guardian, a hacker group by the name of “Rex Mundi” posted a sample of the stolen data on text-hosting site Pastebin. The group then took to Twitter demanding Dominos pay €30,000 or else they would post the rest of the data online.
“Domino’s Pizza has until Monday at 8PM CET to pay us. If they do not do so, we will post the entirety of the data in our possession on the internet,” the hackers tweeted.
The “Rex Mundi” account has since been suspended.
A Domino’s spokesperson told Reuters Monday that the company would not be paying the ransom.
The spokesperson said the breach did not affect markets outside of France and Belgium.
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