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We know that reports and reporting have a reputation: they can be mindless and more burdensome than valuable. Take the TPS Report popularized by the character Bill Lumbergh in the cult classic film Office Space. Reports originally intended to provide meaningful insights and results, now in modern cubicle culture, have a reputation as providing “Totally Pointless Stuff”.
Our goal at Synack has always been to deliver more effective and efficient penetration testing. We don’t have to tell you that traditional pen tests lack visibility and real-time analytics; you already know. And if you’ve tried a bug bounty program, you know that it’s nearly impossible to cut through the noise and prioritize your testing results with such a decentralized model that optimizes for volume over impact.
When billions are spent each year on security testing , you should know what you’re getting out of yours. Having visibility into your attack surface and knowing how your testing is performing is crucial to your job as a security professional. Vulnerabilities left unaddressed can pose major risk to an organization.
In today’s dynamic and agile environment with new code being pushed multiple times a week or even multiple times a day, security leaders need better ways to communicate the security health of their organization to various stakeholders. When done right, reports can effectively communicate important information and metrics to stakeholders.
Developers need detailed and specific results so they can quickly and efficiently remediate vulnerabilities, Executives and boards want a high-level understanding of the organization’s security posture and progress. Actionable and insightful reporting at all levels helps you to build trust throughout your organization and mitigate your risk.
We kept these items in mind as we enhanced our reporting capabilities, resulting in reports that can avoid up to 20+ hours of idle time.The outcome is enhanced Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis: On-Demand Reports Worth Reading. Human-written, audit-quality, customizable reports with impactful charts and graphics that are tailored for specific stakeholders and their specific needs and can be downloaded instantly.
Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis is just one component of our Client Portal within Synack’s Crowdsourced Security Platform that combines the best of human intelligence and machine intelligence for effective, efficient, and smart security testing. In real time, the Synack Client Portal converts testing data into meaningful dashboard and platform metrics. Detailed coverage analytics, reporting and statuses are all available within the Portal to help you understand the results and data from your testing.
Below are some areas of our Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis that our customers are raving about. Each one is aimed at helping our customers achieve more effective testing with detailed metrics and remediation guidance, more efficient security processes with on-demand download features, and more trust in the security program by highlighting its progress – all through our smart platform:
We are continuously iterating to make our platform more powerful and easy to use so you can access the information you need when and how you want it. With our recent enhancements, we have adopted a more streamlined approach to reporting that will deliver actionable and flexible reporting for better business decisions within your organization. To learn more about Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis and Synack’s Crowdsourced Security Testing Platform, contact us .
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